Kenseido is an authentic Japanese martial art that provides you and your family with effective self-defense and an enjoyable way to attain life-skills of mental, emotional, physical, and psychological well-being. Our master-level instructors and teachers (Sensei’s) are ready to help you and your children achieve not only personal training goals, but also a sense of accomplishment, while emphasizing a healthy awareness of and respect for others. Students at our Dojo learn at their own pace in an environment that encourages their best efforts. Your knowledge of the Japanese culture and language will increase over time, making you and your family’s learning experience that much richer and more rewarding. We also offer training in the noble and sophisticated Japanese art of fencing – Kendo – a contemporary form of the way of the Samurai. The U.S. Kenseido Headquarters, located in San Antonio, Texas, is celebrating 28 years of service to our community. We invite you and your family to come visit us and become part of our very special dojo.

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