Welcome to the our Dojo.


Kenseido represents Japan as the authentic dojo for studying the art of self defense, the path towards inner strength, and the respectful traditions here in the United States.


At the United States Headquarters Dojo of Kenseido, located in San Antonio, Texas, there is a legacy of tradition and lineage. Since 1986, we have served as the flagship dojo in the western hemisphere for our teachers and counterparts in Japan. Our Kenseido students here on the continent benefit immensely from the continuity of these relationships.

Indirect Techniques

The art of Kenseido consists of both direct and indirect techniques. Indirect techniques allow you to control situations relying on leverage rather than force.  Aikido, Judo and Jujitsu draw upon these same categories of skills. In Kenseido, these skills allow one to prevail even if an attacker is physically larger or stronger. 

Direct TechNiques

Direct techniques are those skills often associated with Karate, Kung Fu or Tae Kwon Do.  In Kenseido, even a person of smaller stature can harness the energy needed to effectively disrupt a potentially threatening situation. Possessing the inner strengths and skills of Kenseido allows one to diffuse hostility and aggression and influence peaceful alternatives. As a last resort, however, you can insure your own safety and the safety of others.