The Kenseido Team of Shihan's and Sensei's

1n 1984, after 20 years of study, Shihan Winslow Swart began collaborating more closely with colleagues and teachers in Japan.  In 1986, along with Masami Nakahashi, he co-founded the US Headquarters Dojo of Kenseido in San Antonio, Texas. Under the guidance and leadership of "So Shihan" Tetsuo Hasegawa and "Doshu" Takayoshi Akizuki, Sensei Swart and his team have built a school that provides the students at Kenseido with a uniquely authentic Japanese martial arts education.  

Winslow Swart, 7th dan "Kendoshi" Shihan

In 2014, Sensei Winslow Swart was awarded the highest ranking distinction of any Kenseido teacher outside of Japan - 7th Dan.

Sensei Swart has spent a half century studying and mastering the cultural and martial arts of China and Japan. For the past 33 years, much of that study has been in Japan while concurrently teaching here in the USA

Von Shields,6th Dan,            "Kyoshi' Shihan

Von Sensei has been studying Kenseido with Winslow Sensei for over 26 years. He has served as a "Dojo-Cho" or chief instructor, running his own dojo for several years. In 2016, Sensei Von rejoined the teaching team at the US HQ Dojo adding a high level of professionalism and skill to the learning experience at Kenseido. 


Elisheva Swart, 4th dan Shihan

Shevy Sensei is a senior instructor has been studying Kenseido for 18 years and has been teaching in the USA and in Israel for the past 9 years. Her magic touch with the children is matched only by her intensity when training adults. 

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Eliana and Shoshana Swart, Shodans

Eliana and Shoshana are assistant Sensei's and have 15 and 12 years of training and teaching experience respectively. 


Greg Schmelz, 4th Dan Shihan

Greg Sensei is a model student in that he demonstrates the ability to overcome any obstacle and succeed given the attributes of persistence and dedication. Sensei Greg has been studying Kenseido for 12 years and has been assisting the instruction at Kenseido for over 6 years. 

Sean Dwyer, Assistant Sensei

Sean joined Kenseido 4 years ago with a background in Karate and quickly acclimated to his new found art while helping beginners and other ex-Karatekas do the same. While Sean was deployed in Djibouti, Africa, he ran a Kenseido club there, maintaining his skills and sharing the art with others.  He also assists with the Kendo program at Kenseido.


Michael Rangel, Sensei

Michael Sensei was also a Dojo-Cho, having operated a mixed martial arts school and coached a team of MMA competitors while having competed quite successfully in his own MMA career. Mr. Rangel has been studying Kenseido for over 23 years and the students here benefit from his diverse experience, including his own children. 

Alessandra Pressman and Ariella Swart

Life-long team members and teachers at Kenseido are Sensei's daughters (in addition to Elisheva, Eliana, and Shoshana) Alessandra and Ariella, 3rd and 2nd degree black belts respectively. Whenever they are home in Texas, they can be found at their second home, the dojo, teaching the students and resuming their advanced training as well. 

Pamela Ortiz Swart, 5th Dan, "Jun-Kyoshi SeNsei"

Pamela Sensei has been studying the martial arts for over 33 years and is one of the original teachers and co-founders of Kenseido in the U.S., along with Nakahashi Sensei and her husband Winslow Sensei. When Pamela Sensei is not juggling her art career and family, she can be found helping the students at Kenseido perfect their skills with technical accuracy and precision.